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Congratulations!  You're the first to ever click on the about us page!

Not really, but we all know that nobody reads these "about us" pages.  Yet we all still end up creating them anyway. And now we know why - you're here for your insomnia cure!

If you really want more information about us, read on.  But don't say that we didn't warn you...

Whether your organization needs software training, or provides software training, CompTutor has what you need! 

In business since 1995, CompTutor provides software training classes at it's Albany, NY training center, and at organizations throughout the U.S.  When we began providing our training classes to businesses and individuals, our students would ask us if they could purchase additional books for their friends.  We really started to think when our local competition started asking for our courseware training manuals, too!  So now we offer it to everyone who wants it - even our competitors - at a fair price.

As for our training classes, we thought long and hard about how to make our training classes the very best in the region.  OK, so we didn't have to think that hard.  We thought to ourselves "what would we want if if we were getting training?"  Some of the answers were surprising (and illegal!).  We hope you'll agree that what we finally agreed on is the very finest service that you could possibly get, without paying a lot.  Things like:

  • We provide the smallest class size in the region, which means more personalized instruction for you. 

  • Our award-winning graphical step-by-step reference manual for every student.

  • Free and unlimited phone support.

  • 50% off future upgrade classes. 

  • Free one-on-one refreshers - an hour with an instructor for free for every class you take!  (Nobody in the world offers this one - we searched for entire minutes looking for competitors who did, as we got as far as their "About Us" pages before we fell asleep).

  • Best of all, we don't cancel a class because you're the only one in the class.  We still hold it, just for you.  Imagine that!

If you've got a group of people who need training, CompTutor can arrange special classes just for you. Or if you're on your own and strapped for time, we can teach you one on one, at any time, and at any location, at a rate of up to 50% less than our competitors.

Are you still awake?  Congratulations are in order again, since you probably are the first person to make it this far!  If you really want to test your mettle, you can always talk to us, too




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